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Mud Cat Diesel-Driven Auger Dredges

Mud Cat Diesel-Driven Auger Dredges

Available from Mud Cat / Liquid Waste Technology

LWT's dredging systems are used for aeration lagoon / pond dredging applications. A dredging system for removal and disposal of raw sewage solids, decayed algae and microorganisms, and algae-laden sludge results in a long term solution for treatment plants. Aeration lagoon / pond dredging... Read More

Thompson Pump JSC Enviroprime Series

Thompson Pump JSC Enviroprime Series

Available from Thompson Pump & Manufacturing Co.

Operations that create large amounts of wastewater, such as sewer bypasses, construction and mining, will find a very effective and efficient pump in Thompson’s JSC portable pump series. The pumps are designed for applications that require processing fluid with large solids at a significant... Read More

ScreenIT™ MQPS

ScreenIT™ MQPS

Available from Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc.

ScreenIT™ MQPS (Manufacturing Quality Process Solution) is an analytical data management program that is ideal for manufacturing and process control laboratories. It offers unparalleled flexibility throughout its components. The unique design allows users to easily create comprehensive custom... Read More

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At the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI), we pride ourselves in offering a full range of services with the highest level of customer support in the industry. Since 1948, NSAI has grown to offer certification services throughout the world with an extensive network that offers high... Read More

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