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Wastecorp Launches Super Duty® Vacuum Pump Brand

Press Release from Wastecorp Pumps LLC

NEW YORK, April 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Wastecorp Pumps, a leading pump manufacturer in the United States and Canada announced today the launch of Super Duty brand vacuum pumps for septic pumping, waste trap grease, wastewater, municipal sewage and industrial wastewater applications. The Super Duty is available in vacuum trailer, slide-in-units or ATV tow packages in capacities ranging from 40 gallons up to 2500 gallons.

Super Duty Vacuum Pump. Manufactured by Wastecorp Pumps in the USA and Canada.

"Super Duty vacuum pumps provide a high suction power solution for public works agencies and businesses of all sizes to responsibly pump and contain waste," explains Wastecorp Pumps Marketing Director, Daniel Soja. "Wastecorp manufactures vacuum pump models to suit almost any application and budget ranging from local septic pumpers to municipalities pumping raw sewage or wastewater. We work with thousands of municipalities and businesses in the USA and Canada, the Super Duty helps Wastecorp connect with new customers and enhance our relationship with existing customers."

Super Duty®TVP Series Vacuum Pumps
Super Duty TVP Series vacuum pumps are focused on the municipal and industrial pump markets. The Super Duty vacuum pump is completely customizable by the end user with vacuum power ranges from 127-520 CFM. Gas, diesel and electric models are available. Customers select from DOT compliant vacuum trailers or stationary slide-in vacuum pumps.
Visit https://wastecorp.com/Products/High-Capacity-Vacuum-Pumps

Super Duty®Dual Compartment Vacuum Pumps
Many septic pumpers, waste trap grease collection companies and industrial users require both a waste compartment and fresh water compartment in the same tank. This productivity enhancing feature enables pump operators to pump waste and provide clean water for washdown services. All Super Duty models are available with a dual compartment tank configuration with fresh water compartments ranging from 50-600 gallons.

Super Duty®WVP Series Vacuum pumps
The Super Duty WVP Series is designed to elevate the septic pumping experience of boaters and marinas with either dock mounted or portable vacuum pumps. Sizes range from 65-1600 gallons. The end user configures the control panel with a Wastecorp pump expert. Standard push button start, remote control, coin operated and smart phone apps are available.

About Wastecorp Pumps:
Wastecorp Pumps is an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified pump manufacturer in the USA and Canada with a 30 year track record designing, engineering and manufacturing pumps and parts. Wastecorp's brands include America's favorite diaphragm pump the Mud Sucker®, Sludge Master® plunger pumps, Sludge Pro® double disc pumps, Trash Flow® self priming trash pumps and of course our new Super Duty® vacuum pump brand. Wastecorp's pump products are available worldwide. Contact Wastecorp Pumps toll-free at 1-888-829-2783, or by e-mail: info@wastecorp.com. Be sure to visit www.wastecorp.com

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