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Regenerative Blowers Meeting Current Efficiency Standards

Press Release from FPZ, Inc.

 FPZ, Inc. is pleased to offer their regenerative blowers that meet federal energy efficiency requirements for commercial and industrial electric motors under the US Energy Policy Act (e-pact 431 subpart B/X), affecting   3-phase, 1HP or greater motors.  

These high-efficiency motors are now standard across the FPZ line and available ex stock from their Saukville (Milwaukee), Wisconsin facility.

The blowers feature clean, oil-free and maintenance-free operation, with flows to over 1400scfm and pressure differentials to 10.8psig / 14.7hg.

FPZ, Inc. sells on a “factory-direct” basis and all blowers come with a 3 year warranty.


For further information, contact FPZ, Inc. at: 

Email: usa@fpz.com  

Tel: (262) 268-0180

Fax: (262) 268-0415 

Twitter: @regenblowers



 FPZ, Inc.

150 N. Progress Drive

Saukville, WI   53080

David Biancardi


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