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The Ecopure® RL is the most advanced regenerative
thermal oxidizer (RTO) available. With a compact,
rugged design, the RL offers the highest destruction
efficiency and heat recovery of any RTO in the market

This state-of-the-art design features a single rotary
diverter valve, twelve heat recovery chambers enclosed
in a single tower, and a pre-piped, pre-wired package
that maximizes quality and minimizes field assembly.

The Ecopure® RL provides the highest standard VOC
removal of any RTO on the market - 99%+. All RTOs
use a combination of time, high temperature, and
turbulence to destroy pollutants. Only the RL does so
with a minimum of moving parts.

The heart of the Ecopure® RL is its simplicity. A single
outlet diverter valve replaces all butterfly or poppet
valves on a conventional RTO.

This heavy-duty valve features machined, metal seats
with a unique air seal, whose close tolerance provides
99% destruction of your VOCs and HAPs. This ensures
compliance for your facility now and in the future.

Advantages That Set the Ecopure® RL Apart

􀁴 Standard 99% Destruction Efficiency—Guaranteed
􀁴 Up to 95% Thermal Energy Recovery (TER)
􀁴 Low Pressure Drop
􀁴 Particulate and Condensible Tolerant
􀁴 Durable, Low-Maintenance Design
􀁴 All Drive Components External to Unit
􀁴 Available in pre-engineered sizes up to
100,000 SCFM+ per unit
􀁴 Used in a broad range of industrial applications:

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