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Dantherm Filtration, Inc. (formerly DISA Systems, Inc.) specializes in complete turn-key industrial air filtration design, including: dust, fume & mist collectors, ducting, fans, spark detection equipment and more. They have over 35,000 installations worldwide and sell a complete line of expandable baghouse, cartridge, cyclone and canister style collectors ranging from 1000 CFM to 300,000 CFM. http://www.danthermfiltration.us

Our SmartFlow equipment and technology have saved customers over 60% on their energy costs. Visit our website to find out more.

We also offer a superior cutting table for Flame, Plasma and Laser cutting.

Products by Dantherm Filtration USA

By Dantherm Filtration USA

Dust Collection Systems are one of the largest energy users in plants and rarely are all workstations operating concurrently. Reduce your utility costs by up to 80% by retrofitting your existing system. Gates close off airflow when the machines are not working and controling the fan output... Read more »

By Dantherm Filtration USA

The Dantherm S-Series budget dust collector range is a simplified version of the long established and respected Dantherm NF wood waste filter family. Quick to install and easy to operate, it is the ideal solution for the smaller workshop. It is designed for indoor locations and can be readily... Read more »

By Dantherm Filtration USA

The Dantherm NFK3000 filter is a compact filter, well suited for any air flow with heavy material content. The NFK3000 filter is designed with a basic module size of 1200 x 1200 mm. The design makes it possible to add modules if the capacity is increased. The filter is self-supporting; it... Read more »

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