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  • HailTrail™ Professional Hail Products By CompuWeather, Inc.

    HailTrail™ Professional Hail Analysis Reports from CompuWeather CompuWeather offers a variety of HailTrail™ reports for hail claims and cases. Our HailTrail™ reports are designed specifically for insurance, legal and engineering professionals who need to accurately investigate and document hail... Read More
  • Handheld/Portable Instruments : Analog By Myron L Company

    Readings You Can Count On No water supply is completely pure. Every industrial, commercial, or natural source contains dissolved solids or salts. These impurities contribute to scale, corrosion, poor taste, and environmental pollution that endanger animal and plant life. Myron L Company has... Read More
  • Handheld/Portable Instruments : Digital By Myron L Company

    ULTRAPEN™ PT1 is Myron L’s groundbreaking new Conductivity/TDS/Salinity tester. The PT1 pen features the accuracy and stability of benchtop lab equipment with the convenience of a pen. Constructed of durable aircraft aluminum, this pen is fully potted for extra protection with an easy to read... Read More
  • Handheld/Portable Instruments : Specialty Analog By Myron L Company

    DIALYSATE METERS™ Single And Dual Range The choice of hemodialysis professionals for over 30 years, these compact instruments have been designed specifically to test dialysate solutions. By measuring electrical conductivity, they will quickly determine if dialysate concentrations are... Read More
  • Hardigg Storm Cases By Carry Cases Plus

    We can help find you the right Hardigg Storm Case. We offer all sizes with standard foam or custom foam inserts. Send us your items and we will design a custom foam insert at no charge! Read More
  • Harmsco® InvoluteTM Filter Housing By Harmsco Filtration Products

    Features Less Energy • Less Space • Less Weight No Backwash Water Patent pending InfinityTM Up-flow design Electropolished 304 stainless steel housing Built to ASME design standards Swing Bolt closure system Combination cyclone separator and cartridge filter in a single compact design Read More
  • Harvester Landscape and Aquatic Herbicide By Applied Biochemists, A Lonza Business

    Harvester Landscape and Aquatic Herbicide controls many species of submerged, floating and emergent weeds in and around ponds and lakes. Available in quart, 1 and 2.5 gallon sizes. (For small bodies of water, less than 1 acre, less concentrated, Weedtrine-D Aquatic Herbicide is a better choice.) Read More
  • Haskel Breathing Air Boost Pump By American Airworks™

    Haskel boosters are one of the best choices for SCBA refilling at the scene. Haskel air boosters have flow rates of 20 - 130 SCFM. The Haskel booster is a pneumatic booster, having a single stage double acting pump and is the most efficient air booster to use when taking air from the cascade... Read More
  • Haskel Oxygen Boost Pump By American Airworks™

    Why send back oxygen gas you've already paid for? A Haskel oxygen pump will pay for itself in a short time. This Haskel oxygen pump is a two stage booster capable of boosting 100 PSI oxygen up to 3500 PSI. This is an ideal application for refilling EMS oxygen cylinders with low pressure oxygen... Read More
  • Hazardous Materials Storage Buildings By Environmental Compliance Products

    Hazardous and Chemical Storage Buildings. Welded steel construction with secondary containment sump. Various sizes with options to meet your needs. Read More
  • Hazardous Waste Shredding By SSI Shredding Systems , Inc.

    Fully Integrated, Custom Systems for Pre-processing of Hazardous Wastes <strong>Process Overview</strong> Drummed and bulk wastes enter the system, passing through a double-door airlock. Material is then processed through two hydraulic shredders. Following the size reduction process,... Read More
  • Hazardous Waste Transportation By US Waste industries

    At US Waste we specialize in finding manufacturers that are shipping out waste (hazardous and non hazardous) that can be used in other manufacturing processes. Hazardous Waste Disposal is one of the most carefully scrutinized and regulated industries. Because regulatory pressures are becoming... Read More
  • Haz-Hammock 1st Response Containment Pouch By Trans Environmental Systems, Inc.

    Haz-Hammock™ is an emergency response containment pouch that can be quickly attached to a leaking tanker truck or tank car. This 55 gallon capacity, polypropylene “bathtub” shaped poly-pouch is designed to handle acids, caustics, solvents, and fuels for many hours. The Haz-Hammock™ weighs only... Read More
  • HazPack III Cubic Yard Box - Solid Hazardous Waste Disposal By ENCO Industries

    ENCO’s HazPack™ III is our economical UN/DOT approved cubic yard box, designed to address today’s complex solid hazardous waste disposal. The most economical and efficient hazmat cubic yard box on the market today, our HazPack™ III is constructed of sturdy triple-wall corrugated board and is... Read More
  • HCl and NH3 Monitoring By MSI/ Mechanical Systems Inc

    Mechanical Systems, Inc. has been installing HCl and Ammonia CEMS using the Unisearch LAS 7000 TDL. The HCl CEMS were the first systems certified according to the new PS-18 on a coal-fired power plant. More than 20 HCl and 8 NH3 systems have been installed. Read More
  • Heat Exchangers By Catalytic Products International, Inc.

    CPI custom designs and manufactures a variety of heat exchanger products. Heat exchangers have been a primary component of our recuperative thermal oxidizers and our catalytic oxidizers for nearly 45 years. An extension of this expertise has allowed CPI to become one of the leading suppliers of... Read More
  • Heat Recovery By D. R. Technology, Inc

    Industrial and commercial facilities frequently emit warm vapor streams to the atmosphere without realizing the potential economies achievable via heat recovery. D.R. Technology offers cost effective direct and indirect heat transfer designs which capture this waste heat for reuse in many... Read More
  • HEI Wet Electrostatic Precipitator By Bionomic Industries Inc

    HEI (High Energy Ionizer) Wet Electrostatic Precipitators incorporate a unique discharge electrode geometry that can be sized to different applications, and concentrate a high intensity ionizing corona in strategic areas within the collecting tubes instead of distributing it along the entire... Read More
  • Helix Filter By Miller-Leaman, Inc.

    Miller-Leaman, Inc. introduces their Helix Filters; designed to remove particles and other contaminants from process cooling water used in injection-molding and extrusion operations. The filters are available with a three-dimensional polypropylene disc media (Helix HD Series) or a... Read More
  • HEPA Filters Environmental Protection By Factory Direct Filters

    The Aerostar HEPA (High Efficiency Particular Air) filters remove a broad range of airborne contaminants, including fine dust, smoke, soot, pollen and radioactive particles. HEPA filters are used in final filter applications for hospitals, data centers, nuclear facilities, pharmaceuticals,... Read More
  • Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover By Hexa-Cover ApS

    Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover is the ideal solution for eliminating such things as Emissions, Evaporation, Organic growths, Odors, UV effect and Heat loss. Further, the Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover deters unwanted waterfowls from landing on covered waters. The Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover... Read More
  • High Accuracy - Depth & Level Transmitter - VL5000 By PMC Engineering LLC

    The PMC VersaLine® VL5000 Series submersible transmitters are designed for depth and level measurements of ground, surface, waste, and sea water. Suitable for small size bore holes, wells, dams, irrigation, sewage lift stations, rivers and oceanography. The VL5000 has been specifically... Read More
  • High Efficiency Hydro-Grit™ By Fluidyne Corporation

    Fluidyne’s Hydro-Grit™ grit vortex system removes sand and inorganic material before the wastewater treatment process. Historically one of our most popular and effective products, the high efficiency Hydro-Grit™ offers the same advantages as the standard Hydro-Grit™ with improved grit removal... Read More
  • High Pressure Air Storage Systems By American Airworks™

    Air Storage, air cascade systems as they are often called, allow you to fill more cylinders faster than using just a HP breathing air compressor. Air in storage from your cascade system allows you to use a buy and use a smaller compressor to save on initial equipment cost and ongoing operational... Read More
  • High Pressure Breathing Air Compressors By American Airworks™

    5000 - 6000 PSI (345-414 BAR) breathing air compressors for all markets, such as fire fighting, scuba diving, paintball fields, industry, manufacturing, laboratory and learning centers requiring CGA Grade E breathing air. We offer both mobile and stationary units with accessory items such as air... Read More
  • High Purity, Chemical & Double Containment Piping Systems By Simtech Process Systems

    Complete High Purity and Industrial Piping Systems and Welding Equipment Engineered thermoplastics outperform stainless steel in many industrial applications. Many engineers and installers are familiar primarily with the properties of stainless steel and other metals. We educate all types of... Read More
  • High Temperature Depth & Level Transmitter - VL5270 By PMC Engineering LLC

    The PMC VersaLine® VL5000 Series submersible transmitters are designed for depth and level measurements of ground, surface, waste and sea water. Suitable for small size bore holes, wells, dams, irrigation, sewage lift stations, rivers and oceanography. The VL5270 has been specifically... Read More
  • Hinged Lid Containers By PrimeLink Solutions LLC

    PrimeWare has the largest selection of bagasse hinged lid foodservice containers. All hinged containers are biodegradable and compostable. PrimeWare containers have a very secure locking system. These sturdy containers hold hot or cold food items and are microwave and freezer safe. Read More
  • Hobo Data Loggers By Onset Computer Corp

    Using H8/H08 Data Loggers? Onset offers a wide range of USB-based stand-alone data loggers for indoor, outdoor, and underwater monitoring applications. Well suited for rapid deployment, our battery-powered data loggers and weather stations are used to measure a wide range of parameters... Read More
  • HomeSaver By Q Systems Engineering, Inc.

    Freeze and power-loss alarm, temperature monitor, and remote control system for vacation homes, remote sites and remote properties. Programmable upper and lower temperature limits. Built-in rechargeable battery backup. Supports NO/NC switches and sensors for up to six zones. Four switched... Read More
  • Homogenizers By PRO Scientific Inc

    The DPS-20 Dual Processing System simplifies sample preparation by combining mechanical and ultrasonic (sonication) homogenizing and sonication into an automated, compact, noise controlled unit. Its unique design allows the use of each homogenizing method dependently or independently of each... Read More
  • Honeywell Fire & Industrial SCBA & Generic SCBA Accessories By American Airworks™

    Honeywell/Survivair Fire and Industrial Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)are available from American Airworks. We sell new Titan (fire) and Cougar/Panther (industrial) SCBA and a multitude of SCBA support products too. We are also a Honeywell/Survivair Factory Authorized Warranty Center... Read More
  • Hoppers By Hydro Quip, Inc.

    The separation chamber will contain parallel corrugated plates for enhanced oil/water separation. The plates will be spaced for optimum removal of free oil and settleable solids, and the corrugations will have a 45 to 60 degree angle with respect to the horizontal. Flow through the plate pack... Read More
  • Horizontal Screw Type By PRO-Equipment Inc.

    When coupled with an automatic bar screen, the PRO-PACTOR recieves, washes, drains and compacts the screenings by over 70%. A helical screw, rotated from opposite the discharge end, agitates, conveys and compresses the screenings while forcing the compressed “plug” to a disposal point through a... Read More
  • Hose Insulation By UniTherm Insulation Systems

    UniTherm has an ever growing line of hose insulation systems that offers our customers the solutions needed to fulfill their many and varied request. Be it a system for energy savings, personnel protection, fire protection, or freeze protection UniTherm has or will design an insulation system to... Read More
  • HP StoreOnce By HP Inc.

    HP StoreOnce deduplication is a new class of software that leverages HP Labs technology innovations to deliver a more efficient way to accommodate data growth, without adding cost or reducing performance. HP StoreOnce deduplication can be used in multiple places in the data center. The... Read More
  • Hydraulic Hoist Tanks By Imperial Industries Inc.

    As commercial and industrial waste hauling has become more specialized in recent years, hoist tanks have grown in importance. Imperial Industries designs and manufactures its own hoists in house with multiple hydraulic functions, including three-stage hoist assemblies, full-opening rear doors,... Read More
  • Hydrocyclone By Flo Trend Systems

    Flo Trend's Hydrocylones are designed for separating solids from liquids in many industrial and environmental applications such as sand and silt removal, sludge clarification, mineral classification, solids concentration, soil washing and separation, coolant contaminant removal, and desliming. Read More
  • Hydrogen Release Compound (HRC®) By Regenesis

    HRC® is a controlled release, electron donor material, that when hydrated is specifically designed to produce a controlled release of lactic acid. The newly available lactic acid is critical for the production of hydrogen to fuel anaerobic biodegradation processes in soil and groundwater. Read More
  • Hydrogen Release Compound [eXtended release formula] (HRC-X®) By Regenesis

    HRC-X® is a controlled release, electron donor material, that when hydrated is specifically designed to produce an extended, controlled release of lactic acid. The newly available lactic acid is critical for the production of hydrogen to fuel anaerobic biodegradation processes in soil and... Read More
  • Hydrogen Release Compound Primer (HRC Primer®) By Regenesis

    HRC PRIMER® is a less viscous version of the standard Hydrogen Release Compound (HRC) product. It is a thinner, water-like compound that is typically injected into an aquifer where it releases lactic acid at a rate faster than standard HRC (several weeks), but at a slower, more controlled rate... Read More
  • Hydroheater® By Hydro Thermal Corp

    The Hydroheater® is the most efficient heat transfer device available for heating water miscible liquids, slurries and process fluids in all types of manufacturing processes, such as anaerobic digestion. The Hydroheater provides the following significant benefits: precise and accurate... Read More
  • HydroPhobe Passive Skimmer™ By ERE Inc.

    The Hydrophobe Passive Skimmer™ is manufactured with our latest technology membrane removing hydrocarbons from water. The skimmers are designed to float on the interface, allowing fluids to enter without water. Just insert the skimmer into the well and allow it to skim water-free products -... Read More
  • Hygrometers / Humidity Detectors By PCE Instruments

    PCE Instruments (PCE) offers a variety of hygrometer devices, or humidity detectors, that may be used to calibrate and verify a range of humidity sensors and instruments. Read More