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  • identity management By E-CARD ID Products Ltd.

    You need a single solution for the capture, retention and dissemination of information regarding employees access rights. In short, you need an Identity Management solution. Read More
  • IHS Corporate Responsibility Solution By IHS

    The IHS Corporate Responsibility Solution™ allows your company to identify new business growth opportunities, manage risk and realize cost reductions in the stakeholder engagement process. The IHS Corporate Responsibility software helps you implement, manage and document your organization's... Read More
  • IHS Energy & Carbon Solution By IHS

    The IHS Energy & Carbon Solution™ provides auditable corporate-wide management of greenhouse gas programs. The software spans from emissions inventories to cap and trade management and includes the ability to roll up internal data and incorporate external data. The software also manages GHG... Read More
  • IHS Environmental Performance Solution By IHS

    The IHS Environmental Performance Solution™ enables organizations to transform environmental management into a competitive edge. We help you comply with regulations, standards and voluntary initiatives while minimizing the impact of compliance processes on facilities, personnel and production.... Read More
  • IHS Health & Safety Solution By IHS

    The IHS Health & Safety Solution addresses a variety of critical challenges including: - Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Chemical Management. Manage a central SDS database to ensure right-to-know access and to track chemicals by transaction, estimate or both to facilitate regulatory... Read More
  • IHS Operational Risk Solution By IHS

    What if you could know and show where your risks are – then use that information to solve problems before they happen? The IHS Operational Risk Solution™ provides visibility into your risk profile, prevents losses and increases shareholder value through continuous improvement. We support risk... Read More
  • IHS Product Stewardship Solution By IHS

    What if you could ensure that your company’s products can be sold, shipped and consumed in their intended markets? The IHS Product Stewardship Solution™ supports compliance systems so you can maintain your ability to do business in current markets around the world and accelerate entry into... Read More
  • Image Analysis / Microscopy Services By Particle Technology Labs

    Automated Image Analysis offers particle size distribution as well as shape. Other parameters measured are Circle Equivalent Diameter, Length, Width, Perimeter, Area, Aspect Ratio, Circularity, Convexivity, Solidity, Elongation, and Intensity. Please give us a call to discuss how Image... Read More
  • Impact Statements By AATA International

    AATA International Inc. provides strong social and environmental management and interdisciplinary technical skills to conduct third-party independent social and environmental impact, risk, and liability analysis worldwide. Our professional core staff partners with local experts to conduct Social... Read More
  • Impellers & Rings SIMSITE® By Sims Pump Valve Company, Inc.

    The only Impeller that is impervious to Corrosion! Unlike any other Pump Company, SIMS provides Customers with Impellers, Rings Upgrades, Pumps, and other Pump Parts that outlast, and outperform other products on the market. All of our Impellers & Rings are Energy Efficient and NEVER... Read More
  • INCINOLET Electric Incinerating Toilet By INCINOLET - Research Products

    INCINOLET is the Toilet That Goes Where YOU Go. Used all over the USA, in Japan, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Brazil, Canada, and other countries around the world. Ready for use in homes, boats, and businesses around the world. This odorless, sanitary, and easy to use toilet is one of a kind! Read More
  • Inclined Plate Clarifier with Polymers By Hydro Quip, Inc.

    The Hydro Quip Continuous Flow Chemical/Physical Inclined Plate Clarifiers are designed to separate mechanical and chemical emulsions and colloidal contaminants from the wastewater. The use of polymers or other chemical assistant will help precipitate the contaminants to the hopper compartment... Read More
  • Inclined Plate Clarifiers By Hydro Quip, Inc.

    The Hydro Quip Inclined Plate Separators are designed and manufactured to provide for the precipitation and removal of suspended material in water. The Inclined Plate Separator employs the use of a series of plates inclined at an angle of 55°. This specialized design allows the Inclined Plate... Read More
  • Industrial / Municipal Storage Tanks & Wet Wells By Xerxes Corp

    Many industrial and municipal facilities have needs for collection, storage or process vessels. Such needs might be underground tanks for flow equalization or hazardous materials collection. Wet wells are also routinely incorporated into industrial facilities and require custom designs to... Read More
  • Industrial Applications By CST Industries, Inc.

    CST storage tanks and aluminum covers are ideally suited for thousands of different industrial liquid applications. If it is stored in a tank or silo, then chances are CST has designed a storage solution for it in the last 125 years. Read More
  • Industrial Data Acquisition Systems By CAS DataLoggers

    Large selection of rugged, reliable industrial data acquisition systems with modular, flexible I/O for applications including process control, equipment monitoring, test stands and quality control. With a selection of models from manufacturers including Brainchild, Delphin, ADwin, dataTaker,... Read More
  • Industrial Pillow By Andax Industries, LLC

    Ideal for use in streams, sumps and storm water runoff basins. And works great for bilge leaks, industrial spills and storm drain protection. This oil-selective pillow floats in water and has a wide mesh design for quick absorption and a sewn-in loop for fastening, connecting or grabbing. Each... Read More
  • Industrial Skimmers By Clean It Up Technologies

    Skimmer Selection - from special purpose to industrial grade, light, medium, heavy or heavy/heavy, we have a solution for your application. We'll assist you in selecting a removal rate system that meets your specific requirements. Read More
  • Industrial Spill Mat By Andax Industries, LLC

    Soak up oils, coolants, grease, water, battery acid spills and more. Protect your floor when parking forklifts. Tough construction for increased longevity. Jumbo rolls. Read More
  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems By VAC-U-MAX

    VAC-U-MAX is a premier manufacturer of industrial vacuum cleaning systems for production lines and other dust-intensive areas. With a VAC-U-MAX heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaning system on site, both your capital equipment and your employees will be safer and cleaner. So put our field-proven... Read More
  • Infrared Drone Inspection By Infrared Testing, Inc.

    Pairing our thermal imaging expertise with cutting-edge drone technology, ITI's custom thermal drones can efficiently scan for energy loss and moisture damage on every inch of a building from base to roof – no matter the size. Solar Panel and Wind Turbine Inspections: With aerial infrared... Read More
  • Infrared Electrical Inspections By Infrared Testing, Inc.

    While we customize all of our proposals, some aspects of an infrared electrical inspection are standard. Our infrared equipment detects hotspots in electrical systems. This can take one hour or multiple days depending on the size of the property and assistance from the facility team. We provide... Read More
  • Infrared Heaters By Glenro, Inc.

    Understanding the physical characteristics of the materials desired to be heated is the key to successfully incorporating radiation heat transfer into your product manufacturing process. Glenro has the testing resources, process experience and expertise to discover a cost effective and energy... Read More
  • Infrared Roof Inspection By Infrared Testing, Inc.

    An infrared roof inspection identifies areas of moisture infiltration and deteriorating insulation in flat roofs before leaks happen. As water finds the path of least resistance, a leak may appear in one corner of the building, while the point of origin may be in another area. Our inspection... Read More
  • Initial Clearing By Geese Chasers North Jersey , LLC

    The Initial Clearing Program is set up to make the quickest and most effective impression on resident Canada Goose. Length: 4 to 12 weeks Clearings: Multiple daily visits, as needed Read More
  • Inlet Filter Silencers By Solberg Manufacturing Inc

    Extend the life of your equipment with Solberg's inlet filter silencers. Our filter silencers minimize noise pollution and remove dirt and debris from contaminating your industrial equipment. Read More
  • Inlet Vacuum Filters By Solberg Manufacturing Inc

    Solberg's inlet vacuum filters are typically used on the inlet of blowers, vacuum pumps and industrial equipment. Because it has both an inlet and an outlet, it can be used in multiple configurations; while reducing noise pollution and removing dirt and debris that may contaminate your system. Read More
  • In-Line Check Valves and Fixed Flow Controls By O'Keefe Controls Co.

    Ball Type Check Valves Description: Ball type check valves are produced in three sizes: 10-32, 1/8" NPT and 1/4" NPT. They are available in both brass and stainless steel and are suitable for use with liquids or gases. Free flow occurs in one direction only; reverse flow is prevented. All valve... Read More
  • Inline Flow Meter By Global Treat, Inc.

    Inline Flow Meters Global Treat Inc's Inline Flow Meter is cost-effective and dependable. It consistently provides a visual indication and verification of the flow rate in cooling water, process water, waste water, ultra pure water and aqueous chemical solutions. The scale on the outside of the... Read More
  • In-Line Monitor/ controllers : Chemical Treatment/Cooling Tower Controller By Myron L Company

    Designed Specifically for Chemical Treatment - excellent for Cooling Towers The unique circuitry of the CTCII™ Chemical Treatment Controller guarantees accurate and reliable measurements. Drift free performance is assured by “field proven” electronics, including automatic DC offset... Read More
  • In-Line Monitor/ controllers : Monitor/controllers By Myron L Company

    Myron L automatic inline monitor/controllers allow you to establish, monitor and maintain solution concentrations within setpoints for Conductivity, Resistivity, TDS, pH, ORP and Temperature. A push-to-test button makes setpoint checks easy, while an internal calibration and alarm set... Read More
  • In-Line Monitor/ controllers : Specialty Monitor / Controllers By Myron L Company

    Myron L Manufactures reliable cost effective monitor/controllers for specialty applications: CONTROLSTIK II™ WHAT IT DOES The Myron L CONTROLSTIK II™ Rinse Tank System dramatically reduces the amount of water used in continuous flow rinse tanks. At the same time, it automatically maintains... Read More
  • InnovOx TOC Analyzers By GE Analytical Instruments

    The Sievers InnovOx Laboratory and On-Line TOC Analyzers monitor industrial process, environmental and wastewater samples across a dynamic operating range of 0.5 to 50,000 ppm. The InnovOx uses an innovative Supercritical Water Oxidation (SCWO) technique that provides unmatched oxidation... Read More
  • Inside Drop Bowl By Reliner/Duran Inc.

    INSIDE DROPS for Sanitary Manholes eliminate outside drops, clean up failed inside drops and are excellent as stormwater drops and in wet wells. Compact, low-profile Drop Bowls and Stainless Pipe Supports are simple and cost effective, reduce maintenance and simplify cleaning while providing... Read More
  • Instrument Systems By CHEMetrics, Inc.

    The CHEMetrics V-2000 offers advanced water testing technology with push-button ease. The intuitive format allows for quick adaptation by new users of the V-2000. Lightweight and field portable, this microprocessor-based LED colorimeter features pre-programmed methods to measure 13 mm, 16 mm,... Read More
  • Intake Filters By Solberg Manufacturing Inc

    Remove dirt and debris from contaminating your equipment Read More
  • IntelliLogger Network Enabled Data Logging Instrument By Logic Beach Inc

    The IntelliLogger™ Network Enabled Data Logging and Alarming System is a versatile new stand-alone, monitoring alarming and Reporting instrument that incorporates a full suite of Network capabilities. With this added Network connectivity, not only can the IntelliLogger sample analog and digital... Read More
  • IntelliPro Monitoring and Controls System By Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.

    The IntelliPro monitoring and controls system combines the process monitoring power of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system with unparalleled reliability through integrated comparative analysis and operator guidance via Aqua's unique BioAlert™ optimization program. Read More
  • Internal Audit Checklist and Guide how to Audit (ISBN 1-881006-85-5) By Quality Control Systems and Services

    This is a 24 page Internal Audit Checklist and Guide How to Audit; it addresses each ISO 13485-2003 and ISO 9001-2008 Standard requirement in form of 328 questions including a simple to use Rating System, enabling the user to measure and provide metrics in regard to quality management system... Read More
  • Intrinsically Safe Liquid Level Controls By Gems Sensors & Controls

    Intrinsically safe controls have SPST isolated contacts and are FM Approved for use in Class I or II and Groups A through G hazardous locations. Sensitivity is field-selectable through the use of external resistors supplied with the control. Read More
  • Intrinsically Safe Zener Barriers By Gems Sensors & Controls

    Zener Barriers: These passive, energy-limiting devices, provide intrinsically safe DC outputs for a variety of sensors such as level and flow switches...level indication transducers and transmitters...and many others. The maximum energy possible at the switch terminals of the SAFE-PAK® and... Read More
  • IP-1 and IP-2 Lift Bags By PacTec Inc

    Waste packaging options for radioactive waste have come a long way in recent years, as PacTec, Inc. has introduced several certified and approved flexible options at a more affordable price. We now offer innovative, patented nuclear waste containment solutions for the macroencapsulation of LLMW... Read More
  • IR400 Point Infrared Gas Detector By General Monitors

    The IR400 Infrared (IR) Point Gas Detector delivers reliable protection against explosive hydrocarbon gases with a low power design that installs in minutes and features heated optics to eliminate condensation and includes a dirty optics indicator for fail safe operation. The IR400... Read More
  • IRAP-h View By Lakes Environmental Software

    IRAP-h View is a user-friendly graphical interface for conducting a comprehensive multi-pathway human health risk assessment. It simultaneously calculates risk values for multiple chemicals, from multiple sources, at multiple exposure locations. Regardless of experience, risk assessors, trial... Read More
  • ISAM™ Integrated Surge Anoxic Mix By Fluidyne Corporation

    A TOTALLY NEW CONCEPT IN SBR DESIGN In operation, all influent flow enters the anaerobic basin where influent solids are allowed to settle much like a primary clarifier. Elimination of primary solids in the anaerobic basin allows for much smaller SBR basins at equivalent SRT than conventional... Read More
  • ISO 13485 By DNV GL Corp

    An ISO 13485 certificate proves your commitment to the quality of medical devices. It enables you to demonstrate that your quality management system has been assessed and found compliant in order to meet regulatory requirements and customer needs. What is the ISO 13485 standard? ISO 13485 is... Read More
  • ISO 14001 By DNV GL Corp

    An ISO 14001 certificate proves that your environmental management system has been measured against a best practice standard and found compliant. Issued by a third party certification body/registrar, the certificate lets customers know they can trust that you are actively minimizing the... Read More
  • ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Standard Certification By DNV GL Corp

    An ISO 14001 certificate proves that your environmental management system has been measured against a best practice standard and found compliant. Issued by a third party certification body/registrar, the certificate lets customers know they can trust that you are actively minimizing the... Read More
  • ISO 9001 By DNV GL Corp

    An ISO 9001 certificate proves that your quality management system has been certified against a best practice standard and found compliant. Issued by a third party certification body/registrar, the certificate lets customers know they can trust that you have implemented the necessary internal... Read More
  • IST Models Solvent Recyclers By NexGen Enviro Systems Inc

    The IST line of recyclers available in 2.6, 4, 6.6, 11, and 16 gallon sizes are the perfect solution for the small to medium generator. With an 8 bit digital microprocessor controlling all aspects of the cycle, these units personify ease of use. The 4 hour cycle time makes the IST models the... Read More