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  • UCF Thermal Imaging Camera By Draeger

    Draeger's UCF6000 thermal imager comes with a built in lazer pointer so users can direct other firefighters to what is being seen on the imager's displays. The UCF6000 also has a freeze frame button. Point the imager around a corner, push and hold the button, and then bring it back: You can see... Read More
  • ULT Airtower By ULT LLC

    The ULT Airtower is one of the most efficient solutions for welding fume extraction and filtration. The welding fume extractor is based on the layer ventilation principle, currently the ideal method for air circulation. Contaminated air is aspirated, filtered and then discharged as clean... Read More
  • ULTRA Series By Infinitex

    Large, skid-mounted systems that can process thousands of gallons per day of wastewater. Read More
  • Ultrafiltration (UF) By Membrane Specialists, LLC

    A medium-pressure process offering retention of proteins, colloids and biological material including particles 0.005 microns or larger (molecular weight greater than 1000 Dalton). Typical operating pressures range from 7 to 150 psi. Read More
  • Ultrafiltration Systems By Pure Aqua, Inc.

    Ultrafiltration Systems Pure Aqua manufactures a full line of Ultrafiltration Systems. Ultrafiltration (UF) is a pressure driven membrane separation process that removes suspended or particulate matter (including colloids & silt) from water. This solution is far more reliable than a... Read More
  • Ultrafiltration Systems By Pure Aqua, Inc.

    We manufacture a full line of Ultrafiltration Systems. UF is a pressure driven membrane separation process that removes suspended or particulate matter (including colloids & silt) from water. This solution is far more reliable than a conventional multimedia filter, which removes approximately 10... Read More
  • UltraLab HDPE Plastics By Quality Environmental Containers

    Premium quality translucent HDPE and polypropylene rigid plastic containers. Excellent for sampling sludge, soil, and water for metals. Constructed from top-quality laboratory-grade resins, these containers undergo rigorous pre-manufacturing design inspections and testing: Dimensional check to... Read More
  • UltraLiner Blow Molded Drum Liners By CDF Corp

    UltraLiner blow molded liners are CDF's best-performing drum inserts. UltraLiner premium drum liners feature a heavy side wall with an ultra-thin lip making these liners ideal for heavy stress operations requiring maximum strength and protection. UltraLiner steel drum liners help meet UN... Read More
  • ULTRAMETER III 9P™ AHL Titration Kit By Myron L Company

    Since 1957, the Myron L Company has designed and manufactured highly accurate and reliable analytical instruments for a wide variety of demanding applications. Thousands of professionals around the world rely on the performance of our instruments every day. Uses range from boiler water testing... Read More
  • ULTRAPEN™PT1 (EC)/TDS/Salinity Pen By Myron L Company

    This instrument is designed to be extremely accurate, fast and simple to use in diverse water quality applications. Advanced features include the ability to select from 3 different solution types that model the characteristics of the most commonly encountered types of water; proprietary... Read More
  • Ultrasonic Flowmeters By Blue White Industries

    Non-invasive clamp-on flowmeter Read More
  • Ultraviolet Sterilizers By Pure Aqua, Inc.

    Ultraviolet Sterilizers Pure Aqua UV Sterilizers virtually eliminate microbiological contaminants without using potentially hazardous chemicals. Water enters through the bottom port of the ultraviolet sterilizer generator cell and swirls around a low pressure mercury vapor lamp, which emits... Read More
  • Underground Petroleum Oil/Fuel Tank Lining By AmTech Tank Lining & Repair

    Amtech provides cutting edge systems and materials like Armor Shield, BiFlex and Poly Lining systems to repair and rejuvenate single and double wall USTs. AmTech products and services can protect above ground and underground tanks from breaching to the environment. From tested linings and... Read More
  • Uni Liners By Unifilt Corp.

    Unifilt Corporation introduces Uni Liners for rehabilitation of Wheeler filter bottoms. Constructed of durable HDPE the patented liner mechanically locks into place requiring no adhesives. Spheres and media can be immediately installed after the liners are locked into place. Rehabilitates... Read More
  • Uniform Hazardous Manifest Form By Quantum Compliance LLC

    Quantum’s waste manifest application, this documentation is easy because you enter data only once. The software’s intuitive organization is completely online, eliminating the need for physical storage space. Users can archive an unlimited number of forms for easy future retrieval. Every step of... Read More
  • Universal Chlorine Inlet Adapter By Global Treat, Inc.

    Universal inlet adapters are available for both Chlorine Gas and Sulfur Dioxide Gas Read More
  • Universal Fuel Purifier By RCI Technologies

    The RCI Technologies purifier is a simple one-step unit that removes 99.9% water and 95% to 98% of dust, dirt and other normal and natural contaminants found in all diesel fuel. Even today’s “clean” diesel fuel will easily become contaminated during transportation and storage. Unlike all... Read More
  • URSA II - Universal Radiation Spectrum Analyzer By S. E. International, Inc.

    The URSA II, with a full-featured MCA program, can be used with practically any radiation detector and can extract any data your detector can supply! It has been designed taking into account comments and requests from our current URSA customers. URSA-II MCA, the all-new fully, quantitative... Read More
  • UV Technologies, SENTINEL®, C3®, RAYOX® By Calgon Carbon Corporation

    More than 20 years ago, Calgon Carbon introduced an advanced Ultraviolet (UV) light oxidation process to remediate contaminated groundwater. In 1998, we followed that up with the first radical breakthrough in the treatment of drinking water in decades. That's when our scientists invented a... Read More
  • Uvex PrecisionPro™ Protective Eyewear By Uvex Safety

    Uvex PrecisionPro is part of the Specifix™ Collection: Different work environments. Different risks. Specific solutions. Some environments are more demanding on the eyes than others. Uvex PrecisionPro is designed to maximize vision and reduce distortion for jobs where seeing every detail in... Read More