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Products in the Environmental Protection Industry Directory

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  • YakTrax By Andax Industries, LLC

    YakYakTrax®â€”the easy to put on and take off, ice traction device for your shoes. Simply stretch them over your shoes or boots and they stay put—adapting to the length and width of nearly all types of footwear for a perfect fit. YakTrax® are lightweight and easily fit in your pocket, glove box or... Read More
  • Yarns, Threads, Tows, Fibers, and Strapping By Glenro, Inc.

    GLENRO technology have helped Yarn, Thread, Fiber and Strapping manufacturers and converters process their equipment economically and reliably. From drying strapping adhesives to heat setting polyester yarns, GLENRO works with the client to achieve target process goals while taking into account... Read More
  • Your Brand is Our Brand By Midland Metal Mfg.

    Midland strives to promote your brand and help build your business by being the silent partner in the background working to promote your brand. We do not put our name on anything, so we can put your name on everything - helping you build your brand and assisting you in marketing these products... Read More