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Bacteria / Enzymes (19 companies found)

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  • Biofeed Solutions, Inc.

    Solving your Aquatic, Environmental and Soil needs Naturally
    We manufacture a line of biostimulant additives that enzymatically release oxygen to aid in complete bio-oxidation and break-down of a variety of compounds. The professionals at Biofeed Solutions, Inc. have carefully developed technologies that counter the negative impact caused by industrial...
  • Environmental Leverage Inc.

    Environmental Wastewater Treatment, Municipal, Industrial, Consulting, Engineering services, Wastewater Products, Biological products, Chemicals, Odor control, Laboratory Services, Training materials and classes, MOP manuals, Audits, Troubleshooting, Safety, Microscopic Analyses, Contract labor,...
  • Bioscience Inc

    Microcat: MICROCAT products are a unique combination of specialized naturally-occurring microbes and other ingredients. They can help to promote waste treatment levels at or below compliance requirements while saving operating expenses. Powdered activated carbon, when included, acts as a buffer by...
  • In-Pipe Technology Company, Inc

  • Odor Control Co. Inc.

    The natural oils of evergreen trees, for example, prevent us from smelling animal wastes and decay as we walk through forested areas. The evergreen oils essentially cancel out the chemicals involved in producing the odors of decomposing animal waste matter. Another natural product, the lemon, is...
  • Knoll Bioproducts Co Inc

  • Bionetix International

  • Custom Biologicals Inc

  • Bwa Water Additives

  • General Environmental Science Corp.