White Papers for Environmental Protection

  • Humidity, Health and Wellbeing

    Low humidity levels can negatively affect the human body and the air we share, causing health problems and discomfort for people with sensitive skin or respiratory issues. In this article, we uncover the scientific evidence that supports these claims and provide insight into what you can do if...
  • Another Satisfied Student

    THE Environmental Regulatory Bootcamp Review

    Mergers and acquisitions are common in the paperboard and packaging (P&P) industry. These transactions enable companies to grow and expand globally, but also create operational issues as organizations combine different production processes, corporate cultures. P&P companies with standardized...
  • The Guide To pH Drift

    Is it the solution, sensor, or electrode that is drifting? Is the electrode too old? Did something happen during shipment? Is there electrical interference with the sensor? This guide provides steps to simplify the troubleshooting process and determine the cause of drift, along with how...
  • Proactive containment boosts the bottom line

    Empowering employees to make good decisions and hold themselves accountable for their actions can be a sound management policy that provides a multitude of benefits to your company and protects the bottom line. A key facet of empowerment is providing the right tools for employees so they can...
  • Air Induction System - Wastewater Aeration, Case Study

    Global Treat, Inc. provided a Texas Wastewater Plant with an air induction system that resulted in a cost-effective solution to maintaining the required level of Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
  • Sewage Lift Stations - Reducing Maintenance Costs

    Provide Continuous Monitoring and Reduce Maintenance Costs in Sewage Lift Stations. The Level Transmitter is a small but vital component in a Sewage Lift or Pump Station to maintain system integrity and avoid unwanted spillage.
  • Data Logger vs DAQ

    Key Differences Between Data Logging and Data Acquisition What is the difference between a Data Logger vs DAQ System? A data logger is a type of data acquisition system, but a data acquisition system is not necessarily a datalogger. There are several key functional differences in how the market...
  • Schutte & Koerting - Wet scrubbing of acidic gases

    Wet scrubbing is a tried-and-true method for treating toxic gas discharges. This article describes how certain acidic gases are treated using wet scrubbing techniques.
  • ChlorTainer - Preference for Chlorine Gas for Disinfection

    ChlorTainer is a high-pressure containment vessel into which a 1-Ton or 150-lb chlorine gas cylinder is processed. If the cylinder should leak, chlorine gas is contained within the vessel and processed at a normal rate. All of the chlorine gas is used, and no hazardous waste is generated.The...
  • Air Pollution Control Drives Hot Water Supply

    A producer of aluminum bottles recently integrated a system that recovers waste heat from the stack of its pollution control equipment to generate hot water, says Jason Schueler*
  • Feeders satisfy plants hunger for expansion.

    Acrison Equipment helps GE Plastics meet their aggressive requirements for increased production and stringent end product quality requirements.
  • Chemical Safety: How to Store Laboratory Chemicals and Minimize Risk

    Proper chemical storage is critical to minimizing risk in a laboratory or industrial setting. The safe storage of hazardous substances is an essential part of any environmental, health, and safety program for your lab. To minimize liability and reduce the risk of an accident occurring it is...
  • Vapor Intrusion: An Emerging Indoor Air Issue

    This SKC white paper provides information on and discussion of the definition of vapor intrusion, protocol for assessing risk and conducting an investigation, and air measurement methods for both soil gas and indoor/ambient air.
  • Tackling Tough Fluid Sensing Challenges

    If an application calls for the accurate fluid sensing of liquid level, pressure or flow, Gems Sensors & Controls can help. Their extensive fluid sensing portfolio has evolved from nearly 60 years of field-proven successes in a variety of markets. Common customer fluid sensing challenges can...
  • DCS vs. PLC: Choosing the Right Platform

    This white paper provides general guidelines and highlights key considerations when choosing a control system platform (DCS or PLC).
  • Demin Water System for New PDVSA Power Plant

    In 2013, Pure Aqua successfully supplied, a demin water system to PDVSA (Venezuelan government). The water is used for boiler feed, a new power plant currently being constructed. Pure Aqua provided packaged/skidded equipment consisting of Multi-Media Filters, Reverse Osmosis Unit and...
  • Dust Collector Troubleshooting Guide

    Operating and maintaining an equipment system as complex as an industrial dust collector can be a challenge. Here at Baghouse.com we pride ourselves on being experts, with decades of experience designing, installing, maintaining and servicing every kind of baghouse design available. We have...