5/3/21- Seeded Env. Pro.

Bore Hole Water Level Monitoring

A free white paper by PMC Engineering LLC

Taking advantage of a 3/8" diameter high integrity Level Sensor. The Hydrostatic Level Transmitter is a small but vital component for water well monitoring and control. With the current awareness and concern over the environment there are increasing demands for the monitoring and control of the planets water. One of the most common methods is by the use of deep wells drilled into aquifers. Some of these may be many thousands of feet below the surface although most are only a few hundred feet. Such wells can be purely for water monitoring or considered as production, where water is pumped out for human or Industrial consumption. The purpose of this short article is to focus on the level measurement which over time can lead to valuable information regarding the capabilities of the well, changes in gradients or flow direction and the aquifer condition.

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