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Viscosity Instruments (5 companies found)

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  • Cannon Instrument Company

    TESC-5133 Low Temperature Viscometer with Brookfield® DV2T: The compact, economical TESC-5133 Low Temperature Viscometer integrates and automates the ASTM D5133 process of conditioning and testing low temperature viscosities of engine lubricants. The TESC 5133 Windows® 10 software application records sample temperature and viscosity throughout the test,...
  • Automation Products, Inc. - DYNATROL® Division

    Dynatrol® Viscosity Systems: Dynatrol® Viscosity Systems provide fast, precise viscosity measurement for use on a wide variety of process industry applications. The Dynatrol® viscometer utilizes a unique vibratory principle to provide continuous measurement at in-line process conditions. This eliminates the need for...
  • Gardner Paul N Company Inc

  • Cambridge Viscosity

  • Petroleum Systems Services Corporation