OI Analytical

151 Graham Road, P.O. Box 9010
College Station, TX 77842-9010

About OI Analytical

OI Analytical, now proud to be part of Xylem Inc, provides laboratory analytical instrument design, diligently serving the needs of the world's top laboratories across various sectors with a special focus on environmental analysis. Our comprehensive suite of analytical instruments, including state-of-the-art Gas Chromatography equipment, Total Organic Carbon Analyzers, and Automated Chemistry Analyzers, empowers professionals by streamlining the incorporation of EPA, ASTM, and other methodologies into quality systems, ensuring high precision and reliability. From optimizing productivity in wastewater monitoring to providing cutting-edge solutions for food and beverage quality testing, OI Analytical is dedicated to enhancing efficiency and fostering innovation in scientific research. Our exclusive distribution partnership with Gerhardt Lab Instruments in North America further reinforces our commitment to supplying labs with the most accurate, reliable, and flexible equipment for complex analyses. With a rich history of collaboration with industry experts to deliver practical laboratory solutions, OI Analytical remains a leading choice for laboratories aiming to meet rigorous environmental testing standards while advancing scientific discovery.

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