Erema North America Inc.

23 Old Right Road, Unit #2
Ipswich, MA 01938

About Erema North America Inc.

Developing technology for profitably recycling plastics is EREMA's sole concern. EREMA North America, Inc. distributes EREMA machinery and provides complete, U.S. based service, parts and close technical support. EREMA North America supplies North American markets with complete systems and components specifically designed to reprocess a wide variety of plastic materials. The EREMA recycling system is unique, patented, and is available in numerous configurations capable of a full range of throughputs. EREMA also offers a variety of backflushing screenchangers and the Laser Filter, a continuous filtering system. EREMA technology is developed and manufactured in Austria for the recycling market. Worldwide, day-in-and-day-out more than 4,200 systems are currently in use turning waste into reusable, valuable material. Each year, approximately 13 billion pounds of scrap material are recycled with EREMA recycling systems.

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Products by Erema North America Inc.

By Erema North America Inc.

Up to 30% increased throughput with lower melt temperature of processed material with the same extruder size. Now possible due to a considerable change in the ratio between the cutter compactor chamber volume and the extruder size (patented). The enlarged cutter compactor chamber volume... Read more »

By Erema North America Inc.

Erema TVE extruder design: superior degassing efficiency In various cases (when processing particularly strongly printed, heavily contaminated and/or wet plastic waste) we experienced that conventional degassing extruders do not meet today's requirements in daily recycling practice. This... Read more »

By Erema North America Inc.

This unique, well proven and extremely flexible technology can process PET materials and any blends of materials coming along in the form of virgin pellets, post consumer bottle flakes, preground preform flake, preground cut out frames from thermoforming, precut fibre waste, and others,... Read more »

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