GF Harvel

300 Kuebler Road
Easton, PA 18040-9290

About GF Harvel

Over the years, GF Harvel has also introduced a number of well-received products:
•EnviroKing® UV-resistant clear piping for commercial photobioreactors and green energy applications
•HydroKing® and FlowGuard Gold® hot and cold water plumbing pipe featuring industry-leading test results for impact strength and durability
•GF Harvel LXT® ultra-pure water piping systems
•FlameTech™ low flame and smoke translucent containment piping
•GF Harvel Clear™ PVC pipe for semiconductor, sight-glass, and dual-containment applications
•GF Harvel BlazeMaster® Fire Sprinkler Pipe for residential and commercial systems
•PVC and CPVC Machining Shapes extruded in a wide variety of sizes and shapes
•PVC and CPVC duct for corrosive fume handling applications
•CPVC industrial pressure pipe through 24 inches (Schedules 40 and 80)

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