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  • Auger Feed Granulator

    Hosokawa Polymer Systems’ highly versatile Auger Feed Granulators can be customized for virtually any under-press or beside the press application. Clean, Uniform Granulate – The high shear, Double Angle Cut slicing action produces clean, uniform granulate from thick, thin, rigid or elastomeric... Read More
  • Dedusting System

    Whether you are using virgin pellets or granulated regrind, dust, fines and contamination can adversely affect your processing and cause rejections. Maybe you need to remove fibers, paper, or other materials from your product. In either case our customized dedusting systems ensure a clean and... Read More
  • DGD – Heavy Duty Twin Shaft Shredder

    Our DGD series twin shaft shredders are designed and built for some of the most challenging recycling applications out there. The rugged design, replaceable wear protection and extremely high torque rotors all result in high pre-shredding throughputs. This shredder is a workhorse and has proven... Read More
  • Film Friction Washer

    The Film Friction Washer is used to wash dirty and contaminated film flake. The Film Friction Washer consists of a unique inner rotor designed specifically for film washing. It takes into account the high dirt content found in agricultural films, the nature of the thin film and its ability to... Read More
  • Friction Washer

    Our Friction Washer is used to pre-clean plastics during a fully integrated washing line process. We utilize auger type screws to mix and convey material while adding water via internal spray tubing. Our Friction Washer has a significant area of screen for water/contaminants discharge. We... Read More
  • Heavy Duty Granulator

    Designed specifically for continuous high volume recovery of the toughest materials, Polymer Systems’ heavy duty machines are precision machined with heavy steel plates and stress relieved weldments throughout. Massive construction of the cutting chamber, rotor and drive assembly provides... Read More
  • Hot Melt Granulator

    Manufacturers of FEP, PVC- and PE-insulated & jacketed wire and cable have successfully blended up to 50% recovered material with virgin pellets with no loss of physical or dielectric properties by immediately granulating hot material at the processing station. HMG® Hot Melt Granulators feature... Read More
  • Large Part Granulator

    The Hosokawa Polymer Systems Large Part Plastics Granulator is designed to recover large, thin-walled parts including housings, helmets, blown bottles, automotive body and bumper components, as well as large volumes of smaller parts and accumulated sprues and runners. The Large Part Granaulator... Read More
  • LDPE Washing System

    Plastic film is a valuable secondary resource in the plastics recycling market. Recycled film can be used to produce wide range of products. Waste plastic film can be in many different conditions in terms of moisture, contamination, and film type. The plastic film recycling market is... Read More
  • Press Side Granulator

    Our Press Side Granulators are available with a wide range of automation components such as special hoppers for combination robotic and manual feed; conveyor feed; oversize part, etc.; vacuum take-off bin for regrind evacuation and blower evacuation systems of various sizes, complete with... Read More
  • PRS Pipe Shredder

    Plastic pipe recycling can be one of the hardest applications in the industry. Engineered materials such as HDPE 80 and HDPE 100 being used to make large pipe diameter with wall thicknesses of 3-4 or more present a great difficulty to recycle. Enormous power requirements are the norm for these... Read More
  • Sink Float Tank

    Our Sink Float Tank is used to separate different materials based on their different specific weights. This is accomplished by feeding mixed materials into the tank, which is filled water. There are paddle rollers for pressing the materials down into water, mixing the materials fully with water... Read More
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