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About CompuWeather, Inc.

SITE-SPECIFIC PAST HISTORICAL WEATHER ANALYSIS FOR INSURANCE, LEGAL & ENGINEERING - We take the guesswork out of working with weather related claims and cases by pin-pointing the weather conditions for a precise location - any weather, any place, any time.

Established in 1976, CompuWeather is the nationwide leader in forensic weather reporting and consulting, specializing in the preparation of detailed past weather reports, consulting and expert witness testimony. Our weather experts hold the highly respected Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) certification awarded by the American Meteorological Society (AMS). We pride ourselves in listening to our clients and customizing our services to their exact needs. Over its 40+ year history, CompuWeather has managed over 50,000 insurance claims, cases and forensic weather investigations.

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Products by CompuWeather, Inc.

By CompuWeather, Inc.

CompuWeather’s Hurricane Summary Report – An Efficient Way to Document Weather Conditions for the Site of Loss! CompuWeather has recently announced an exciting new product: the Hurricane Summary Report. This report is designed to meet the specific needs of insurance personnel handling claims... Read more »

By CompuWeather, Inc.

HailTrail™ Professional Hail Analysis Reports from CompuWeather CompuWeather offers a variety of HailTrail™ reports for hail claims and cases. Our HailTrail™ reports are designed specifically for insurance, legal and engineering professionals who need to accurately investigate and document hail... Read more »

By CompuWeather, Inc.

CompuWeather’s Lightning Strike Reports – Find Out if Lightning Struck a Specific Location CompuWeather provides lightning strike reports which detail all lightning strikes that occurred within a 5 mile radius of the loss location. This is a great product for insurance professionals and... Read more »