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  • Acid Dilution Trough

    Global Treat, Inc. provides water treatment equipment for diluting acids used in cooling towers! Over time, acid feed systems will likely cause long term damaging effects to cooling tower basins and equipment if not mixed into solution properly. Global Treat, Inc. offers a solution to protect... Read More
  • Chemical Induction Pump

    Benefit of Chemical Induction A chemical induction pump system eliminates the need for using potable water to create a vacuum for drawing in disinfection chemicals. THE PROCESS: Chlorine chemical induction and De-Chlorination chemical induction is accomplished by the re-circulation of process... Read More
  • Chlori-Flush Water Line Disinfection System

    The Chlori-Flush system is used to disinfect newly constructed water systems, as well as existing potable water mains that have been drained for inspection or repairs. Using either calcium hypo-chlorite granules or liquid bleach, the Chlori-Flush disinfection system utilizes a continuous feed... Read More
  • Chlorine and Chemical Inventory Scales

    Scales are necessary to monitor and manage inventory of chemicals at water treatment plants and in industrial processes. Chemical usage, level, and feed rates are measured with the use of weight-based and ultrasonic systems. Global Treat, Inc. provides an assortment of mechanical, hydraulic,... Read More
  • Chlorine Check Valves

    Check valves play an important role in preventing carrier water from backing up into the source chemical. Global Treat, Inc. offers the following chlorine gas and liquid check valves. *In-Line Check Valves *In-Line Economical Vacuum Check... Read More
  • Chlorine Dioxide Generator System

    Chlorine Dioxide is commonly used in municipal, industrial, and oil & gas applications and is an excellent water treatment choice for disinfection, bleaching, and chemical oxidation. Because Chlorine Dioxide is a highly reactive oxidant, typically, for these applications, it is generated... Read More
  • Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CLO2)

    Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CLO2 Chemical) 3000 ppm / 99.7% Pure TCEQ Approved for Potable Water Systems as the Primary Disinfectant! Chlorine Dioxide Solution is one of the safest, most effective biocides and disinfecting agents available. It is commonly used in various large and small scale... Read More
  • Chlorine Drip Leg Heater

    Chlorine Drip Leg Heater •25 Watt Heater with clamps (110 VAC or 240 VAC) •Formed heater—(HTH-111-230) for drip-legs •Attached with C clamps. Read More
  • Chlorine Flex Connector Adapter

    A-345 - Chlorine Flex Connector Adapter For Chlorine or Sulfur Dioxide Gas •3/4" Male NPT x Flex •Connection Outlet threads are 1.030-14 NGO (CGA-660) Read More
  • Chlorine Isolation Valve Assembly

    Chlorine Isolation Valve Assembly •For Chlorine or Sulfur Dioxide Gas •Protects Cylinder or Header Valves •Field Proven Yoke Design •Epoxy Powder Coated for Maximum Corrosion Resistance Read More
  • Chlorine Manifold Union

    AH-1461 Chlorine Manifold Union •Carbon Steel Body •Lead Gasket Seal •Two Bolt Pattern Read More
  • Chlorine Manifold Valve

    Manifold Valve •For Chlorine or Sulfur Dioxide Gas Read More
  • Chlorine Manifold Y-Strainer

    A Chlorine gas Y-strainer is used to help remove the impurities in chlorine gas. The filter screen traps the impurities which could potentially make their way to the vacuum regulator or other system components. The bottom cover is removable, allowing the filter screen to be easily cleaned or... Read More
  • Chlorine Open Yoke

    Manifold Chlorine Yoke Read More
  • Chlorine Split Yoke Adapter

    5888-E Chlorine Yoke Adapter -Connects Open Yoke to Flexible Connectors -Outlet Threads are 0.030-14 NGO (CGA-660) Read More
  • Chlorine Tablets, Bio-Sanitizer

    Chlorine / Calcium Hypo Chlorite Tablets for Industrial and Residential Use. Available in pails of 10 lbs, 25 lbs, 45 lbs, & 100 lbs Read More
  • Chlorine Test Kits

    Chlorine Test Kits Accurately measuring chlorine levels is vital for safety as well as for economic reasons. Global Treat, Inc. offers three types of grab sample chlorine test kits available to measure free and total chlorine. These consist of Chlorine Test Strips, Color-wheel Test Kits, and... Read More
  • Chlorine Ton Lifting Bar

    Ton container lifting bar. Read More
  • Chlorine Ton Storage Trunnions

    Storage Trunnions are designed to safely store and equally space ton containers of chlorine and sulfur dioxide in water and wastewater treatment plants. •1 Set (2 per set) •IHMW Poly Wheels Read More
  • Chlorine Universal Ton Adapter

    The Universal Ton Adapter allows any brand of cylindar mounted vacuum regulator to be mounted onto a ton cylindar. •Includes 25 Watt Drip Leg Heater (option of 120 VAC, 240 VAC, or 24 VDC), and header valve •The drip leg is compatable with all varieties of Chlorine and Sulfur Dioxide... Read More
  • Corporation Stops

    Corporation Stops are designed for injecting chemical solutions pumped by proportioning pumps and gas chlorinators into tanks, mains, cooling towers, and process systems. Chemical Injection Quills, or Main connects (diffusers) are used to inject chemicals into the center of the stream, thus... Read More
  • De-Chlorination Tablets

    De-Chlorination Tablets / Sodium Sulfite (Bio-Neutralizer) Non-Hazardous (2 5/8" inch size) Bio-Neutralizer, De-Chlorination Tablets. Efficient and cost-effective removal of free and combined chlorine from water or wastewater treatment system flows.... Read More
  • Emergency Gas Shut Off Valve

    The use of an emergency shut off valve system can greatly reduce the risk of a significant gas release. The system is designed to close the gas cylinder valve(s) within seconds of activating a manual panic button, an external alarm signal, or an internal fail-safe alarm signal. Global Treat,... Read More
  • Fiberglass Building Shelter

    Fiberglass shelters are used to protect chlorination and de-chlorination equipment from environmental elements, therefore enhancing the life of the equipment. Additionally, fiberglass enclosures can be used in many other applications for year round protection of your equipment, instruments and... Read More
  • Fiberglass Shelter Enclosure

    Fiberglass shelters are used to protect chlorination and de-chlorination equipment from environmental elements, therefore enhancing the life of the equipment. Additionally, fiberglass enclosures can be used in many other applications for year round protection of your equipment, instruments and... Read More
  • Fiberglass Storage Enclosure

    Fiberglass shelters are used to protect chlorination and de-chlorination equipment from environmental elements, therefore enhancing the life of the equipment. Additionally, fiberglass enclosures can be used in many other applications for year round protection of your equipment, instruments and... Read More
  • Flex Connector

    Chlorine flexible connector Available in Sizes 4 ft, 6 ft, 10 ft •Cadmium Plated Copper •CGA #660 Connections, both ends Read More
  • Gas Feeders, Sulphonators, and Ammoniators

    Gas Chlorinators, Sulphonators & Ammoniators Chlorine Gas is still the most common and cost effective disinfection technology for water and wastewater treatment applications. Safety has been greatly improved over the years by how the equipment is installed (vacuum feed in lieu of pressure feed,... Read More
  • Gravity Flow Tablet Feeders

    Gravity flow tablet feed systems are low maintenance, simple, and an extremely effective means to treat water or wastewater. They can be used in residential or small commercial onsite applications, storm water treatment, or remote potable water... Read More
  • Inline Flow Meter

    Inline Flow Meters Global Treat Inc's Inline Flow Meter is cost-effective and dependable. It consistently provides a visual indication and verification of the flow rate in cooling water, process water, waste water, ultra pure water and aqueous chemical solutions. The scale on the outside of the... Read More
  • Pressure Gauge with Diaphragm Protector

    Pressure gauge isolators allow standard pressure gauges to be used in corrosive services. The upper section (gauge side) is filled with glycerine. A diaphragm separates the glycerin from the lower section which connects to the pressure source. 1/2" FNPT port is provided for connection to the... Read More
  • Remote Meter Panel with 4-20mA Output

    Chemical Flow Control and Gas Measurement to tie into SCADA or PLC Hydro Instruments’ Remote Meter Panel with 4-20mA Output accurately measures and monitors the actual gas flow through a vacuum feed system, and provides a visual indication, as well as outputs a 4-20mA signal (proportional from... Read More
  • SCBA Safety Gear and Storage Equipment

    Respiratory & Safety Global Treat, Inc. supplies a variety of SCBA safety equipment. We offer the 30 minute self-contained breathing apparatus as well as a variety of cases and cabinets used to store safety equipment. In addition, we offer two different types of emergency kits that include all... Read More
  • Twisted Cylinder Wrench for Chlorine Containers

    Chlorine Twisted Cylinder Wrench 635X3 -Open End Fits Valve Packing Nut & Cap -Closed End Fits Stem and Yoke Half-Dog Bolts Read More
  • Universal Chlorine Inlet Adapter

    Universal inlet adapters are available for both Chlorine Gas and Sulfur Dioxide Gas Read More
  • Vaporizer / Evaporator

    Vaporizers are used when direct gas withdrawal systems are not an option in high capacity chemical feed applications. Global Treat, Inc. offers the highest quality, most advanced and efficient vaporizer on the market. With two different options to choose from, the Hydro Instruments vaporizers... Read More
  • VM-150 Vacuum Monitor

    The Series VM-150 Vacuum Monitor is a full featured vacuum indicator and detector system for use in gas or liquid vacuum system applications. The three digit digital visual readout is displayed in inches of Hg( Mercury), LED status indicators, and an analog output. Vacuum levels in vacuum... Read More
  • Water Flow Accessories

    Water Flow Accessories To ensure your chlorine feed system operates to its maximum efficiency, it is necessary to perform routine maintenance. Global Treat, Inc. provides a variety of products to assist in this process. We provide the following water flow accessories: Plastic Water Inlet... Read More
  • Water Inlet Assembly

    A water inlet assembly is a pre-assembled arrangement of components installed in the water line on the inlet / supply side of the ejector. It is used to remove unwanted debris from the water, indicate the supply pressure to the ejector nozzle, and provide a quick and easy way to remove the... Read More
  • Water Solenoid Valves, Plastic and Brass

    Plastic Water Solenoid Valve The plastic solenoid valve is non corrosive and features a manual integral bypass. It is available in ¾", 1", and 2". Brass Water Solenoid Valve The brass solenoid valve is energized to open and has an operating pressure range of 0-125 PSI. It is available in ¾" and... Read More

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