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About ERE Inc.

Now more than ever, our EARTH needs us. Our company values our partnerships because together we have the responsibility to protect our environment and reduce environmental impacts for our future generations. Since 1994, we continue to innovate & provide the very best in environmental equipment and technologies needed for sampling, monitoring, filtration, remediation of air, water and soil.

It’s our EARTH, let’s protect it!

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Products by ERE Inc.

By ERE Inc.

Ezyflow™ Water Sampling Pump

Designed for low flow sampling. Ezyflow™ portable water sampling pump is now becoming a standard tool for the environment industry. Ezyflow™ groundwater sampling pump has a fresh new look, extremely light weight making it ideal to carry with you anywhere. It has the ability to give you an... Read more »

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By ERE Inc.

Water & Liquid Filtration & Treatment

ERE Inc. offers an extensive line of filtration and treatment products. Whether you require media, Sampson filtration bags, cartridges, housings, oil/water separators, we have you covered. In addition to these we also offer small to large scale filtration and treatment systems for groundwater... Read more »

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By ERE Inc.

OlioSep™ Flush Mount Plastic Oil/Water Separator

OlioSep™ Oil separators are airtight containers intended for the reception and treatment of oily wastewater from domestic, commercial or industrial applications. Features • Pre-built settling • Protective cover for internal components • Ability to incorporate a bypass line and acoustic and... Read more »

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