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NOVAIR is a global leader of oxygen generators that can be used in-house, ending the need for O2 cylinder delivery and saving money while saving the planet. NOVAIR USA designs and manufactures durable US-made oxygen generators that use time-tested Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Technology, offering a complete line of plant sizes with flow from 15 SCFH to 5500 SCFH of oxygen at 93% +/-3% concentration. NOVAIR tailor made systems and solutions for water treatment include large industrial oxygen generator systems, feed air for ozone generation, a range of oxygen generator equipment, hospital oxygen supply systems, aquaculture oxygen systems, portable oxygen generators, emergency oxygen systems, and more. Additionally, NOVAIR offers complete oxygen cylinder filling plants, both small and large, with capacities up to 100 cylinders per day. Currently NOVAIR USA has oxygen plants installed in over 150 countries worldwide, serving markets such as hospitals, fish farms (aquaculture), mining, ozone water treatment, waste treatment, semiconductors, and metal cutting.

Competitors of NOVAIR USA

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Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.

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Products by NOVAIR USA


Using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Technology, you can produce oxygen onsite and on demand. Oxygen injection with PSA is a favorable alternative to calcium nitrate and has been proven effective for the control of hydrogen sulfide in force sewer mains. Additionally, OGSI oxygen systems can be... Read more »