The Nitrate Elimination Co., Inc.

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Lake Linden, MI 49945-1323

About The Nitrate Elimination Co., Inc.

The Nitrate Elimination Company, Inc. (NECi) was founded in 1993. NECi develops and manufactures enzyme-based products for water testing and water treatment. NECi sells Green Chemistry Reagents & Kits for Nitrate analysis and testing based on the enzyme Nitrate Reductase. NECi also sells phosphate testing kits based on an enzymatic method.

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Products by The Nitrate Elimination Co., Inc.

By The Nitrate Elimination Co., Inc.

Animal Origin Free (AOF) Enzyme-based Nitrate Tests for Water Field Tests. For field use: Test environmental samples: water, salt water, rivers, lakes, streams, wells (Standard Range: 0.5-10.0 ppm nitrate-N). High School & Community College: All NECi Nitrate Test Kits are free of toxic... Read more »

By The Nitrate Elimination Co., Inc.

Reagents (AtNaR & NADH) for 330 samples in THERMO FISHER or KONELAB AQUAKEM and KONELAB ARENA. AtNaR and NADH may be purchased individually. Also available - Reagents (AtNaR & NADH) for 50 samples in OI ANALYTICAL and WESTCO SMARTCHEM. NEW Reagent Packs for LACHAT QuikChem® Method for soil... Read more »

By The Nitrate Elimination Co., Inc.

Nitrogen is essential. - For high crop productivity, you need to have enough Nitrogen available in the soil. Yet, over-application may result in wasted fertilizer, expensive to both the pocketbook and the environment. Consequently, soil testing for nitrate content with enzyme-based, 30-minute... Read more »