Sheaffer Wastewater Solutions LLC

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About Sheaffer Wastewater Solutions LLC

Sheaffer International is an environmental development company dedicated to providing innovative, sustainable, and environmentally friendly solutions to your wastewater management needs. Our reclamation and reuse systems are cost-effective and provide environmental benefits unmatched by anyone in the industry. Our systems manage wastewater in a wide variety of settings, from residential developments to municipalities to animal feeding operations. The Sheaffer System™ reclaims wastewater in a series of deep, aerated ponds. The ponds, or “cells”, typically provide at least 36 days of aerobic (high O2) treatment, after which the reclaimed water is filtered and disinfected prior to irrigation. A variety of irrigation methods may be employed, depending on the need. Adequate storage is provided for the reclaimed water for the winter months, when irrigation does not occur. The Sheaffer System is a patented technology with over 25 years of successful operation and customer satisfaction. The Sheaffer System provides a unique and proven wastewater solution, and it offers a host of environmental and economic benefits that distinguish our system from all others: no discharge to surface waters; protecting the water quality of streams, lakes, wetlands, and wildlife habitats; no odors. Preserving the natural ambience of the development; no sludge; avoiding high costs of regular maintenance procedures (typically one-third of the annual budget for a traditional wastewater treatment facility): reclaims wastewater on-site recharging local groundwater resources with clean, reclaimed water; recycles nutrients as welll as maintaining healthy landscaping balance while encouraging plant growth: and finally Increases property values by achieving higher densities and avoiding having to deal with septic systems

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