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About Essco Glass Ampoules and Vials

With a combined experience of over 40 years in the field of scientific and laboratory supplies, Educational Scientific Supplies Co. (Essco), is considered a trusted name in the global science community for exporting extensive value for money products which are in conformity with international quality standards. Over the years, through our unique investment collaboration, we have developed 28 different ancillaries which are exclusively occupied by our production orders. Ever since the biotech research boom started worldwide, we have seen a remarkable growth in laboratory glassware orders particularly for ampoules, test tubes and vials. This has inspired us to dedicate our production focus to these glassware items and make every effort to consistently grow our production capacity. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we achieve this by consistently supplying quality glassware at competitive prices.

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Products by Essco Glass Ampoules and Vials

By Essco Glass Ampoules and Vials

Ampoules are the most cost effective container used for packaging and dispensing of a wide variety of pharmaceutical liquid products. The dimensional features of ampoules should comply with their foreseen usage and there are three most common shapes of ampoules; Flame Cut (Form B), Funnel Top... Read more »

By Essco Glass Ampoules and Vials

Moulded (Molded) Glass Vials - Crimp Neck (Screw neck also available) These Injection or Serum vials are available in both clear and amber Neutral Type II glass. Features heavy wall weight and uniformly distributed glass walls. High tolrance to thermal shocks and low extractbles. Available in... Read more »

By Essco Glass Ampoules and Vials

These leak-proof clear glass universal bottles are mainly used as a small vessel for diluting out minute quantities of liquid from swabs in Microbiology. Very sturdy and strong. Supplied with aluminum screw cap with rubber liner. Available is capacity of 7ml, 14ml, 28ml and 30ml Read more »