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Milwaukee, WI 53226-0607

About ProSonix

ProSonix designs and manufactures Direct Steam Injection heating solutions for a
variety of liquid process heating applications. We have the experience in the application
and recommendation of Steam Injection heating for many processing industries and

Direct Steam Injection heating product solutions for water, slurry heating, starch
jet cooking, sludge heating, and aggressive fluid applications.

Experienced technical staff to assure successful integration of the Direct Steam
Injection heater from concept design to plant start-up.

Direct Steam Injection heating systems are designed and engineered to fit each
customer's process from the application of a simple water heater to a more
complex sludge heater.

Assist customers who are new to Direct Steam Injection heating, or customers
who are looking to system performance.

Consulting services to assist in the design of Pilot Plant operation prior to full
scale production.

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