CETCI Re-introduces the ART for Refrigerant Leak Applications

Press Release from Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc.

June 13, 2014

A New Look and Improved Functionality

Delta, BC – Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. (CETCI) is dedicated to manufacturing high quality gas detection systems and providing our customers with cost effective, functionality savvy equipment. We recently took the opportunity to improve our ART Infrared Refrigerant Transmitter and we believe the new look and improved functionality delivers a more robust and efficient gas detector.

The ART remains a state-of-the art, fixed, non-dispersive infrared refrigerant transmitter that can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated into a building management system (BMS). However, in addition to the ability to detect a wider range of refrigerant gases and a slightly smaller, sleeker enclosure, the re-designed ART offers greater flexibility and enhanced performance at an economical price.

There are two models available – a cost-effective Broadband Sensor used for gross leak detection (with a user selection of 3 pre-defined groups of refrigerants) and a Single Chanel Gas Specific model with a distinct, pre-calibrated and characterized sensor for response from a choice of 1 of 14 specific refrigerants. The long life, non-dispersive IR sensors allow for low-level leak detection (0 – 3,500 ppm), deliver 5-7 years of maintenance-free operation and infrared sensing technology that is immune to cross sensitivities to combustible and toxic gas as well as changes in temperature and humidity.

An easy-to-read alpha-numeric LED display shows constant, real-time readings and an on-board LED indicator will indicate when the sensor is in an alarm state; as will an audible alarm to alert personnel when levels have exceeded the desired limit.

For applications where wash down or high water spray is a concern, an optional splash guard is available.

Ideal applications for the ART include supermarkets/convenience stores, refrigerated mechanical rooms, commercial chiller equipment rooms, food storage/processing facilities, wineries, schools, hospitals, maintenance facilities and many more.

The ART conforms to CE, UL/CSA/IEC / EN61010-1 and meets California CARB requirement.

For more information on our entire range of gas detection systems and IAQ instruments, please visit our website.

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