5/3/21- Seeded Env. Pro.

Water Quality Data Logger for Monitoring Coal Mine Runoff

A free white paper by CAS DataLoggers

Water Quality Monitoring Solutions from dataTaker CAS DataLoggers provided an intelligent water quality data logging solution for an open-cut coal mine to monitor high salinity water runoff into local retaining ponds with a Water Quality Data Logger. The water from these retention ponds could only be released into the local river system when it was of sufficient quality to have no effect on the irrigation supplies for the surrounding farming district. Therefore it was necessary to closely monitor water quality in the lagoons for several key parameters including pH, salinity, and turbidity. Mine management searched for a data logging system with the versatility to connect to a wide range of sensors that was capable of remote communications to allow convenient access to real-time and stored data. The data logger also had to offer low power operation with the ability to operate off a solar panel since mains power was not available at the remote sites.

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