5/3/21- Seeded Env. Pro.

TandD Rolls Out Updated WebStorage Service Website

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We are very pleased to announce that TandD has completely reworked their WebStorage Service website. The updates include several changes to the user interface to make it much easier to use & find that it is also mobile-friendly too! There is also additional support for devices & new features & functions. The user interface has gone through an extensive update starting with an enhanced main dashboard page. The dashboard page has a simple start-up guide to walk you through the process of starting up a new device. There is also a new watch list view that allows you to immediately see the most recent data for up to 6 devices. The data view page has a new cluster view which allows a mix of devices to be logically grouped together by place or purpose to make it easier to find the data you are looking for. The alert view page has been enhanced with separate tabs that allow you to see current alarm status, both active & recovered, historical alarm records & watchdog communications alarms

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