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An innovating force that engineers, manufactures, and distributes high-frequency and magnetic locators, pipe and cable locators, leak detectors, leak correlators, borehole gradiometers, pipe inspection cameras, ground fault locators, and specialty locators.

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Products by SubSurface Instruments, Inc

By SubSurface Instruments, Inc

LD-8 Leak Survey Tool

Amplifier with push button ON/OFF switch, volume control, two-digit display of loudness, and three-range sensitivity switch. Use the short contact rod for listening at hydrants. Use the long contact rods for listening at below-grade meters and below-grade valves. Notch filters reduce A/C hum... Read more »

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By SubSurface Instruments, Inc

LD-18 Digital Water Leak Detector

All-digital amplifier with automatic noise reduction of intermittent sounds, high and low filters, storage and graphing of sound levels at different locations on the pipe, bar graph and numeric display of sound loudness, USB connection, and back light. Read more »

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By SubSurface Instruments, Inc

LD-15 Professional's Leak Survey Instrument

High sensitivity sensor with Neodymium magnet (extra strong). Sensor and cable connection completely sealed and water-proof (submersible). Amplifier with superior audio quality (very low distortion and superior signal-to-noise ratio) and large meter display. Press the Mute Switch to hear sounds... Read more »

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