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Bionomic Industries Inc

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777 Corporate Dr
Mahwah, NJ 07430
About Bionomic Industries Inc
  • Our vast product offerings include; air emission, air pollution control systems, odor control, gas scrubbing systems, particulate removal, fume scrubbing, ammonia recovery, acid recovery, acid gas removal, product recovery, aerosol removal, waste heat recovery, mist removal, NOx removal, high efficiency cyclones, wet scrubbers consisting of packed absorption and waste heat recovery towers, horizontal crossflow scrubbers, fluidized bed scrubbers, multiple type tray scrubbers, high energy gas atomized venturi and jet ejector venturi scrubbers, mist or preformed spray scrubbers, dry and dry/wet scrubbers, forced condensation scrubber systems, wet electrostatic precipitators, specialty adsorption and scrubbing systems, an advanced NOx scrubbing reagent and full product recovery and by-product production systems – you'll find for each product type all the overview and application information you'll need to help make the right choice for your company.
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Products by Bionomic Industries Inc
  • Dry and Dry/Wet Scrubbers

    Bionomic Dri-Scrub™ Dry and Wet/Dry Combination Scrubber Systems are available for gas flows from 160 to 75,000 acfm, provide particulate collection efficiencies between 98 and 99.9% on most applications, and are normally used for scrubbing fine particulate with acid gases. Dry systems utilize a... Read more
  • BTIP Bioscrubber / Biofiltration

    BTIP extends the capabilities of natural biological treatment of gaseous organic compounds, hydrogen sulfide, odors and more with increased removal efficiency while simultaneously removing particulate if present. A unique combination of proprietary mist scrubbing, bio-scrubbing/filtration and... Read more
  • ScrubPac VentClean

    Bionomic Industries exclusive VentClean Scrubber is specifically designed to scrub storage tank and railcar vent emissions caused by breathing and filling operations, and is the latest edition to our enormously successful ScrubPac™ family of "packaged" scrubber systems. Due to its unique... Read more