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  • 4-20 mA Differential ORP Sensor | The D-phi Series™ | $629 USD

    If you want a user-friendly, low-maintenance ORP monitoring system, then this 4-20 mA ORP (redox) sensor is your answer. Enjoy hassle-free installation, calibration, and cleaning. Avoid headaches like ground loops, electrode poisoning, and electrode replacement thanks to the differential... Read More
  • 4-20 mA Differential pH Sensor | D-phi Series™ | Only $549 USD

    The new D-phi Series™ offers a reliable, user-friendly, and low-maintenance solution for industrial or environmental pH/ORP monitoring. Chemical-resistant housing and double O-ring seals are designed for 10+ years of reliable performance. On top of that, built-in electrical isolation,... Read More
  • STs Series pH Sensor

    The pHionics STs Series™ pH sensor (sonde) provides accurate pH and temperature measurements to a variety of systems for continuous water quality monitoring. This is made possible by a large double-junction electrode that reduces the dilution rate of the reference, thereby increasing electrode... Read More
  • STs Series Conductivity Sensor

    The pHionics STs Series™ Conductivity is a water quality sensor (sonde) designed to pair with a datalogger or RTU for real-time data capture. A narrow diameter allows the STs Series to go places others can’t while the chemical-resistant housing ensures the sensor can stay there for many years.... Read More
  • STs Series ORP Sensor

    The pHionics STs Series™ ORP sensor (sonde) provides reliable ORP and measurements to monitor bacterial activity, sanitization, or heavy metal pollution. This sensor may be connected to a datalogger, RTU, PLC, or SCADA system for continuous water quality monitoring. Accurate and... Read More
  • STs Series Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

    The pHionics STs Series™ Dissolved Oxygen sensor (or sonde) accurately measures dissolved oxygen (0-20 mg/L or percent saturation) and temperature (0-50°C) over long periods of time with little maintenance required. These measurements are output via two noise-resistant 4-20 mA signals... Read More
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