Coleman Filter Company

701 Airport Rd, Building C
Coleman, TX 76834

About Coleman Filter Company

Coleman Filter Company manufactures and supplies string wound cartridge filters, pleated filters, melt blown and liquid filter bags and filtration equipment from our facility located in the heart of Texas. We have served the filtration needs of our industrial and residential customers since 1998. Our manufactured products are made with a passion for quality, consistency, and quick response.

Coleman Filter Company offers reverse osmosis membrane cleaning as a part of our services. This process provides our customers with the following benefits:
• Maximizes productivity
• Improves performance
• Increases membrane life
• Minimizes downtime
• Saves on costly replacement

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Products by Coleman Filter Company

By Coleman Filter Company

Coleman Filter Company string wound filter cartridges are manufactured at our plant in Coleman, TX on precision-controlled machines capable of producing filters from 5” to 72” in length and diameters of 1.75” to 6”. They are available in a broad range of media, core and end cap options to meet... Read more »

By Coleman Filter Company

We will gladly supply samples to companies that, if qualified, would like to test our product. Read more »

By Coleman Filter Company

With absolute liquid efficiency ratings from 0.5 to 100 micron, Coleman Filter Company's standard pleated cartridges provide efficient solids removal in liquid streams. Each cartridge has a pleated fixed pore media which maximizes effective surface area while preventing particle unloading and... Read more »