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OraSure Technologies offers oral fluid convenience and laboratory confidence with its Intercept® and OraSure® drugs of abuse testing devices. When speed is important, try the Q.E.D.® alcohol and OralTox® drug tests for instant results.

Oral fluid drug testing offers a minimally-invasive, observed collection to detect recent drug use. Using oral fluid, the collector can oversee a donor as they collect their own oral fluid specimens, reducing costs, dignity collection issues and sample tampering.

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By OraSure Technologies, Inc.

Q.E.D.® Saliva Alcohol Test

A rapid, onsite, low-cost alternative to breath or blood testing, Q.E.D.® is an easy-to-use alcohol testing system ideal for workplace settings, criminal justice, drug and alcohol treatment centers and clinical screening programs. CLIA-waived and DOT-approved, Q.E.D. provides accurate... Read more »

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Spring 2023: DOT Edition

Spring 2023: DOT Edition

Spring 2023: DOT Edition

By OraSure Technologies, Inc.

In this issue of What's the Buzz: - DOTs new oral fluid drug testing final rule what does it mean final rule FAQs - Urine testing vs oral fluid the pros and cons - What the new department of transportation oral fluid drug testing final rule means for you - DOT final rule state law impacts - Oral...
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