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Respirometers (8 companies found)

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  • Mallinckrodt Inc

  • Monera Technologies Corporation

    Monera technologies Corporation provides innovative products and services for environmentally sound and efficient treatment of wastewater, wastewater sludge, contaminated soils, and biotreatment for aquaculture and agriculture. Monera offers you the best in biotreatment, analysis services and...
  • RespirTek Inc

    RespirTek is the only AFCEE approved environmental consulting laboratory offering broad respirometry services - from microcosm studies/biofeasibility studies in bioremediation to treatability/toxicity in wastewater treatment.
  • Columbus Instruments

  • Challenge Technology

    AER-200 Research Respiromeer: The AER-208 Research Respirometer System. Automated, precision measuring and continuous recording of respiration rates for both aerobic and anaerobic lab-scale cultures, on up to 24 reactors, simultaneously. This system has been the cornerstone of countless discoveries and has been a primary...
  • Respirometry Plus LLC

  • Oilind Safety

  • Strathkelvin Instruments Ltd.

    Strathkelvin Launch Activated Sludge Respirometer For Toxicity Measurement Increasing demands placed on wastewater treatment plant operators by environmental legislation and operational efficiency require managers to optimize all aspects of plant performance. In this environment, the ability...