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About Challenge Technology

Challenge Technology manufactures the highest quality, automated manometric respirometers available.
Challenge Respirometer Systems are used in municipal, academic, and private labs around the world.

The Challenge ODM-100 oxygen demand monitor for treatment plants gives realtime performance data for plant optimization and Early Warning.

The New 800 Series Respirometers use the patented and proven flow cell technology that we have provided to our clients since 1990 with improved electronics, software and engineering.

Features of the New 800 Series :

-Both Anaerobic and Aerobic capability.
-Proven flow cell technology that never needs calibration.
-Accuracy to .06 mg in aerobic mode and .05 ML in anaerobic mode.
-No probes to foul, clean, calibrate or replace.
-No mechanical valves or pressure sensors that can be contaminated, malfunction or need repair.
-One USB power and interface connection.

Let Challenge Technology help you with your Respirometer System and Applications

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Products by Challenge Technology

By Challenge Technology

The Quick Scan BOD Analyzer is a laboratory respirometer, designed to quickly evaluate oxygen uptake in wastewater samples, and can be used to estimate BOD5, or to do rapid assessment of treatability on trucked-in or industrial waste. A short-run respirometric test on a wastewater sample can... Read more »

By Challenge Technology

The AER-208 Research Respirometer System. Automated, precision measuring and continuous recording of respiration rates for both aerobic and anaerobic lab-scale cultures, on up to 24 reactors, simultaneously. This system has been the cornerstone of countless discoveries and has been a primary... Read more »