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About Air Sampling Devices

Our mission is to manufacture or distribute specialty air sampling devices to better meet the demanding needs of the industrial hygiene community. We provide devices that make the task of taking samples and performing the subsequent analysis as easy and as precise as possible.

We have chosen our unique devices after careful examination of the complete air sampling process, taking into account the needs of both the sample taker, and the analytical laboratory personnel, in order to identify the primary obstacles to faster, more efficient processing of samples.

Prior to founding Air Sampling Devices in 2011, Eli Smyrloglou, worked for Millipore Corporation, as market manager of Industrial Hygiene products. After leaving Millipore he founded Omega Specialty Instruments in 1982 , Omega Specialty Instrument was sold to SKC Inc. in 2003 .

He has continuously served the industrial hygiene community in various capacities for 37 years.

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The INFICON CMS5000 Monitoring System provides continuous, unattended remote monitoring of water or air. Using GC (gas chromatograph) technology, CMS5000 analyzes and quantifies Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) on-site for accurate results in minutes. The... Read More

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Products by Air Sampling Devices

By Air Sampling Devices

This oxygen analyzer Model ZOA 100, uses a gaseous diffusion micro zirconium oxide cell. This configuration allows for continuous or intermittent use. This design also reduces maintenance. The unit is also designed to be used as an oxygen detector. Several versions of the ZOA 100 are designed to... Read more »

By Air Sampling Devices

The new ZRA MP Trace Oxygen Analyser uses a well known sensor in the oxygen analysis field. The analyzer operates in accordance with the latest specifications for process monitoring . The hi-tech sensor ensures accurate and reliable oxygen measurements in ambient air down to ppm level within a... Read more »

By Air Sampling Devices

This tool is used to pry apart 2-piece and 3-piece 37mm cassettes It is convenient , fits in your pocket and ready to use Simple hand pressure, by closing one’s fist, is all that is required. Read more »

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